Cardio Chelate Oral with EDTA 120 Capsules

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Nature's Rx Cardio Chelate Oral A Doctor recommended, scientifically advanced, Oral Cardiovascular Chelation formula to promote Cardiovascular Health. Intravenous Chelation with EDTA (Ethylene-Diamine-Tetra-Acetic acid) has been proven in study after study to reduce plaque, thereby restoring circulation to blocked veins and arteries. Also, this chelation procedure is proven to help remove toxic metals such as lead or mercury, and was approved for this use by the FDA in the early 1950�s.

The latest scientific research suggests that EDTA taken orally can help alleviate these same conditions. Orally ingested EDTA is believed to be about 5% effective when compared to intravenous dripped solutions of EDTA. This means that if you take four Cardio Chelate Oral � capsules per day for a month, you achieve about the same results, cleansing wise, as one intravenous chelation treatment at your doctor�s office.

This product is designed to supplement intravenous chelation, and is a must product for all those people who have in the past, or are now receiving intravenous chelation. This product is also of interest to those concerned with heavy metal toxicity such as mercury toxicity. EDTA does bind to heavy metals in the blooodstream making Cardio Chelate Oral an importan part of a detoxifying program. It is recommended that Oral Chelation products be taken either day or night and in the alternate 12 hour period oral supplementation with a good mineral supplement with trace minerals, such as our coral calcium product be taken to replace good and necessary minerals which may be removed along with heavy metals during the chelation process.

If you want to have a cleansed cardiovascular system from head to toe, examine this product carefully! This is the finest oral chelation product in the world� and the very best value as well! Compare Cardio Chelate Oral to competing oral chelation products and we think you will agree Cardio Chelate Oral is the best value in Oral Chelation proucts

Supplement Facts:
120 Capsules, Active ingredients in 1 capsule: Calcium Disodium EDTA 400mg, Malic Acid 100mg, Garlic Powder 100mg, Vitamin C 50mg, Calcium (from EDTA) 40mg. © 2019