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Valerian Root
A potent terpene rich nutraceutical ingredient ...Valerian Root has been used by herbalists thousands of years as a powerful relaxant and sleep promoter. Valerian Root is listed in the German Commission E-Monographs as a sedative drug. Modern studies find the all natural and non-addictive valerian root containing can help promote normal sleep patterns.

Passion Flower
Used by Native Central American tribal indians for generations for sleep and nervous disorders, Passion Flower is high in flavonoids and it's uses in modern herbal medicine include support for restlessness. Passion Flower was brought to Europe by Spanish Explorers and is listed in the German E-Monographs as a drug to promote sleep.

This all natural herb Scutellaria is a member of the mint family of natural herbs. Scullcap has been described by herbalist texts for hundreds of years. Scullcap is used in herbal medicine to ease nervous disorders and as a relaxant.

This amino acid derivative of Glutamate is an inhibitor of presynaptic transmission in the nervous system... simply stated GABA ia an all natural inhibitory transmitter, is non addictive and safe for dietary supplementation. GABA supplementation promotes relaxation.

Chamomile has been used in herbal medicine since the time of the Egyptians. Chamomile contains a potent alkali constituent. European modern day herbalists use Chamomile as a natural sedative. © 2019